Free DVDs, Books, and CDs

August 26th, 2009

My local library offers more than just books, they also offer DVD, CD rentals and many other amenities free of charge.  While theoretically I pay for all this through taxes, it costs me nothing additional for items that I take out.

While my local library does not always carry everything at their site that I’d like, I can place a request for materials into the online catalog which draws from all the public libraries in my region.  After I place the request online, the material(s) will be sent to my local library so that I can pick it up at my convenience.

The library is a great resource for me.  For books/movies usually I’ll only read/watch it once and never look at it again, so it works out perfectly.

Written by: tim

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  1. Mozart Guerrier

    I use the library every week. I live in Denver, which has one of the best library systems in America, in my honest opinion…. and they have a library calculator of how much what I use is worth, and I think I’ve already used and accessed about 4,000 in resources…I don’t make that much a year! There is no reason to rent or buy dvds/cds if your just testin’ the water, when you already paid it through taxes. great post!

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